Big Data & Analytics

Thanks to our partnership with the largest cloud solutions provider, Pivotal (EMC, VMWare, General Electric), our consultants will help you implement complete BigData solutions.

From Data Lake to real-time visualization of your information, including external data integration and data analysis in large volumes, today Pivotal Suite solutions are the most advanced solutions in the world.

Several renowned industries have relied on the Pivotal suite to operate their “Industry 4.0” revolution: Siemens, General Electric, Philips, Netflix, BMW…

Thanks to our partnership with Pivotal, the largest Platform-as-a-Service software vendor (EMC, VMWare, General Electric), our consultants will support you in setting up a public cloud (Pivotal Web Services), private cloud or on-premise cloud, as well as the migration of your applications to the cloud.

We create cloud-native applications using the “12 factors apps” method. It is the guarantee of scalable and robust applications, ready to be hosted in your cloud.

Cloud & Platform-as-a-Service

Solutions Delivery – 100% Swiss

Our development team carries out agile package projects where the key word is “Quality”. There are several options possible for guaranteeing the success of your projects in context of a fixed budget:

  • Margin sharing: we delivered faster than expected? We did not try to rip you off. To prove it to you, we will retrocede half of the remaining budget. You are free to reinvest in new features to satisfy your users.
  • Money for nothing: 80% of the value has been achieved and you feel that you have met the expectations of your users. Why go further? We stop the project and invoice it. You do not pay for anything anymore; it’s as simple as that!
  • Change for free: the scope can change along the way, at no additional cost. It is enough to replace one user story with another, equivalent in terms of load and complexity. If there is no impact on what has been developed, why should we refuse?

Each member of the team is Scrum-certified or trained in Scrum. But Scrum also has a bandwagon effect. It is sometimes useful to use other methods such as Scrumban. It all depends on the characteristics of your project. We do not use Scrum for fun. We use the method appropriate for your project context.

Thanks to our partner located in Lisbon, Portugal, we offer you a partly nearshore realization of solutions. No concessions on the quality of the deliverables!

Your contacts are an Agile Project Manager and an Architect, both based in Switzerland. Everything goes through them and they manage the developments and tests carried out by our team in Lisbon. A relationship of trust has been established between us thanks to a few simple, but obvious things:

  • Good communication (Skype in video-conference mode, daily)
  • We see them regularly

Our team is permanent: our Portuguese colleagues have worked with us on several projects: it is difficult to write a long story with an unstable team. In fact, when we need to evolve an application we have developed, the competences are still within the team!

Solutions Delivery – A SWISS/PORTUGUESE MIX


Only enthusiasts!

We don’t think about consulting like others.

Our consultants go through a difficult selection process before joining the “TechFirm circle”. Once we are convinced of their technical skills, we verify that they adhere to our values and those of our customers, which is important.

Naturally, the passionate consultants are up to date in their knowledge. But at TechFirm, we are up to speed with technology that is fun, useful to others and exciting.  Because, after all: there is no innovation without passion.

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