TechFirm International provides all the services involving the management of expatriation procedures.

Logistics, legislation and immigration
  • Travel arrangements, making reservations, purchasing tickets and organising visas
  • Legalisation in the country of employment, work permits
  • Payment in major currencies
  • Social regulations and tax compliance
  • Organising and researching accommodation and local transportation
The outsourcing of expatriate skills

If you want to maximise time-efficiency in the management of your expatriate employees then TechFirm International can assist you, allowing you to focus on the core purpose of your business: improving performance in an increasingly competitive and complex international environment.

  • Compliance with social and fiscal legislation
  • Visa and work permits
  • Meet & Greet – organising hotel reservations – organising transport and local accommodation
  • Harmonising the status of international employees
  • Optimising social costs while providing the best guarantees to expatriates (customised services): health insurance, hospitalisation and disability, pension coverage, repatriation and private pension coverage.
Advice, Compliance & Taxation

Based on our experience, especially in Africa, we can give you advice on the most favorable expatriation scheme for your situation (taxation, optimising social coverage plans …)

Our network of partners on 5 continents allows us to evaluate and assess the compliance status of your expatriate employees.

Both you and your employees also have the opportunity to ask direct questions about tax issues which can be complex in certain situations.


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