Aloha ! Welcome aboard our ship, sailing to our HOW-WHY… #BoatLife

Our motivation

Introduce talents and free their minds to embark on new challenges.


We could tell you about our playful work environment, our parties, playing pool at lunch time in the office, but you might say that’s nothing new. But what if we told you that some of us come to work wearing a kilt…with who knows what underneath?! So, who can top that?


You might be surprised at first, but don’t worry you will soon settle in! Just bring your sense of humour and everything will turn out just fine!


Being a human-sized company gives us the privilege to know each other and the capacity to be agile and creative. This is what our clients expect from us and, good news, this is exactly what motivates us in our everyday work!


We know how and when to have fun, but also when to be serious. Wearing mankinis does not restrict us from gaining the confidence that our clients and colleagues grant us every day.


… André created Techfirm

Once upon a time a gang of funny guys (troublemakers) coming from HR and service backgrounds decided to….the motto….to build a unique company, giving sense to people’s professional lives that really focuses on human values.

This is how the Boat deck looks like!

I want you to join us in making a better world!

Working is cool, but giving sense to our job is even greater! This is why our teams get involved in many associative projects and sponsorships every year.

Do you have a project in mind, and wish to achieve it with us?

You have the free spirit and you are eager to join the team on board?