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Techfirm Spirit in video

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Focus on

what matters


Need a little help solving technical issues? Looking for that rare gem to join your team? Planning to expand your business to a new country? No problem: refocus on your core activities, we take care of the rest.

With Techfirm, may the Free Spirit be with you!


Standing by your side worldwide

Everything started more than 20 years ago in Switzerland, between lakes and mountains. The story now continues over the five continents, over five continents, crossing seas and oceans.
Whatever the place, we shall always strongly defend our freedom of thought and entrepreneurship.


“People who never laugh aren't serious...”

We have deeply analysed this quote from French author Alphonse Allais. We have been thinking about it, intensively. Pondering over every single word. Cogitating. Meditating. Mulling things over. And we eventually came to the conclusion that… we could not have said it better.

Do you have a project in mind and wish to achieve it with us?

You have the free spirit and you are eager to join the team on board?