Thanks to our 6 subsidiaries in Europe and Africa and to our many partners, we now operate in nearly 40 countries around the world.


Phone : +41 22 310 82 40
Email : info@techfirm.ch

Route de Chancy 175, 1232 Confignon, Switzerland


Téléphone : +41 22 310 82 40
Email : info@techfirm.ch

Nüschelerstrasse 44, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland


Rue Louis-d’Affry 2, 1700 FRIBOURG

The Headquarters, at the source of the Free Spirit

Ideally established in Geneva and Zurich, our teams are at the heart of the Swiss and world economy. Our location and our expertise, for both industry and information systems, give us the possibility to work with many pharmaceutical groups, watch and transportation companies, banks… We are honored to have worked with our clients for more than twenty years now, and we are determined to make sure this happy story never ends!

Lakes or mountains? We take both!

In Switzerland, we always find a compromise. Between mountains and lakes, everyone finds their happiness! Skiing in all its forms, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, climbing, sailing, kitesurfing, hiking, cycling… Switzerland has something for everyone. And if you want to begin slowly, we suggest you to start with the undisputed national sport, that you can play with your colleagues at any time of the year (true story): eat a Swiss fondue!

Do you have a project in mind, and wish to achieve it with us? 

You have the free spirit and you are eager to join the team on board?