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Glisse en Cœur 2022

techfirm glisse en coeur 2019

After 2 years of enforced absence due to COVID, the techfirm family is delighted to announce that we will once again participate in the Alpes’s No. 1 charity event. In other words: Glisse en Coeur 2022!

How the event will take place:

For those who do not know this event. It consists of 3 days of skiing in Grand-Bornand

(18-19-20 March 2022), including 24 hours of non-stop relay skiing, starting on Saturday at 2pm.

All this in a festive and supportive atmosphere, filled with concerts, fondue and good vibes! The highlight of this event will be on Saturday afternoon and evening with the show by Yannick Noah.

For the more courageous, there will be a techfirm stand where you can find all night long, fondues and drinks, but please note that we have not foreseen any accommodation to sleep so it’s an all-nighter!

We also need skiers! This year we have 4 teams that will participate in the race. The experts of techfirm 1 and 2 are the teams of techfirm Information systems. 3 and 4 are those of techfirm Industrial services. So, if you want to participate in the race and defend the techfirm colors, click on this link: choose the team you would like to join and register, without further delay.

The mission:

The main objective is, of course, to win the donation race, for the chosen association which this year is the Association: Mon école Extra Ordinaire (MEEO). So, we are also counting on you to participate in the donation drive, organised by Glisse en Coeur, to support this cause, which is particularly important for us!

“Since 2015, Mon école Extra Ordinaire association, has implemented an innovative

model, in favor of children with neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, learning disabilities, high potential, attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity …), in order to offer them a specialized school.”

To donate, it’s very simple! You just have click on this link: and choose the team you would like to support with your donation.

We invite you all to join us in this exceptional adventure and come to visit us during these 3 days to share a drink, a fondue or a ski slope together.

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