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Honey by Techfirm & Bees4You

Those who have known us for some time, know that we have no limits when it comes to making decisions that seem unimaginable to many other people and companies. This has been confirmed once again over the past year. After moving into our boat, we asked ourselves how we could make the most of the outdoor space we have, so that we could participate, in our own small way, in the ecosystem in which we live and work. 

So, as you probably know, we have installed solar panels on almost all our roof. However, we wanted to do more! After a few ideas like installing a chicken coop or even a vegetable garden, which are almost too classic ideas… we had a flash of genius and thought of installing our own beehives! We thought it was great, because first, it contributes to the fragile balance of our biodiversity by offering an adequate and protected space to bees, whose numbers have been decreasing since 1945. Not to mention the indirect impact on pollination, on which more than 2/3 of our agriculture depends. 

Finally, we have been looking for a while for an innovative idea to replace the traditional end-of-year gifts with something more personal. Indeed, we were very quickly seduced by the idea of offering to our collaborators and customers, a nice jar of natural honey which was produced directly on board our boat.

Therefore we decided to trust the company bees4you and its beekeepers, in the realisation of this beautiful project. We were able to count on them from the beginning, whether it was during the installation of the hives or afterwards during the periodic maintenance necessary for the good health of our bees. We also had the pleasure of organising a workshop based on bees. All our employees and their children were able to make a complete visit of our hives and ask all their questions to the Bees4you beekeepers. Here are some pictures of our teams, in the skin of a beekeeper, the time of an afternoon. 

This workshop was the first of a long series. If, like us, you are interested in bees, if you want to know more about their way of life in the hives or if you would simply like to taste our techfirm honey, do not hesitate to call us, send us an email or simply come and visit us unexpectedly. You are all welcome. In the meantime, you can visit our hives virtually, but LIVE:

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