Glisse en Cœur 2022

techfirm glisse en coeur 2019

After 2 years of enforced absence due to COVID, the techfirm family is delighted to announce that we will once again participate in the Alpes’s No. 1 charity event. In other words: Glisse en Coeur 2022!

How the event will take place:

For those who do not know this event. It consists of 3 days of skiing in Grand-Bornand

(18-19-20 March 2022), including 24 hours of non-stop relay skiing, starting on Saturday at 2pm.

All this in a festive and supportive atmosphere, filled with concerts, fondue and good vibes! The highlight of this event will be on Saturday afternoon and evening with the show by Yannick Noah.

For the more courageous, there will be a techfirm stand where you can find all night long, fondues and drinks, but please note that we have not foreseen any accommodation to sleep so it’s an all-nighter!

We also need skiers! This year we have 4 teams that will participate in the race. The experts of techfirm 1 and 2 are the teams of techfirm Information systems. 3 and 4 are those of techfirm Industrial services. So, if you want to participate in the race and defend the techfirm colors, click on this link: choose the team you would like to join and register, without further delay.

The mission:

The main objective is, of course, to win the donation race, for the chosen association which this year is the Association: Mon école Extra Ordinaire (MEEO). So, we are also counting on you to participate in the donation drive, organised by Glisse en Coeur, to support this cause, which is particularly important for us!

“Since 2015, Mon école Extra Ordinaire association, has implemented an innovative

model, in favor of children with neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, learning disabilities, high potential, attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity …), in order to offer them a specialized school.”

To donate, it’s very simple! You just have click on this link: and choose the team you would like to support with your donation.

We invite you all to join us in this exceptional adventure and come to visit us during these 3 days to share a drink, a fondue or a ski slope together.

Honey by Techfirm & Bees4You

Those who have known us for some time, know that we have no limits when it comes to making decisions that seem unimaginable to many other people and companies. This has been confirmed once again over the past year. After moving into our boat, we asked ourselves how we could make the most of the outdoor space we have, so that we could participate, in our own small way, in the ecosystem in which we live and work. 

So, as you probably know, we have installed solar panels on almost all our roof. However, we wanted to do more! After a few ideas like installing a chicken coop or even a vegetable garden, which are almost too classic ideas… we had a flash of genius and thought of installing our own beehives! We thought it was great, because first, it contributes to the fragile balance of our biodiversity by offering an adequate and protected space to bees, whose numbers have been decreasing since 1945. Not to mention the indirect impact on pollination, on which more than 2/3 of our agriculture depends. 

Finally, we have been looking for a while for an innovative idea to replace the traditional end-of-year gifts with something more personal. Indeed, we were very quickly seduced by the idea of offering to our collaborators and customers, a nice jar of natural honey which was produced directly on board our boat.

Therefore we decided to trust the company bees4you and its beekeepers, in the realisation of this beautiful project. We were able to count on them from the beginning, whether it was during the installation of the hives or afterwards during the periodic maintenance necessary for the good health of our bees. We also had the pleasure of organising a workshop based on bees. All our employees and their children were able to make a complete visit of our hives and ask all their questions to the Bees4you beekeepers. Here are some pictures of our teams, in the skin of a beekeeper, the time of an afternoon. 

This workshop was the first of a long series. If, like us, you are interested in bees, if you want to know more about their way of life in the hives or if you would simply like to taste our techfirm honey, do not hesitate to call us, send us an email or simply come and visit us unexpectedly. You are all welcome. In the meantime, you can visit our hives virtually, but LIVE:

A wind of freedom blows over the boat

After several years of operation, it was high time for TECHFIRM to change its visual identity. The graphic elements no longer corresponded to the spirit that had been driving the group for several years already, so it was time to give it a major facelift!

Without in any way denying the group’s past, the idea of refreshing logos, slogans and websites was born as soon as we were preparing for TECHFIRM’s 20th anniversary in 2019. Without rushing, we finally chose to mature this project by involving the sailors as much as possible and by building our new signature together. The result, you will discover today through several elements:

1- the logo

Our logo is the first to be updated at the beginning of the year, you may have already seen it in our email signatures.

This new logo reaffirms our Swiss identity, while highlighting what we believe in, the H+ or Augmented Human: augmented through experience, sharing and caring.

2- the website

As with the logo, we decided on a total change for our website. Too classic, the old site lacked the energy and the little touch of madness that animates us every day within the group.

We have decided to go for a more modern approach and to go for the essential. And if you want to know more about what we do, or who we are, we preferred to put you in touch with us, because exchange is surely the most efficient way to allow you to know us better.

3- The clip: Free Spirit by TECHFIRM

Here again, it was out of the question for us to make a classic institutional video. We want to share with you what the “TECHFIRM Free Spirit” represents through these images captured with some of the crew members at our headquarters, but also in the beautiful region that surrounds us.

Quai du Rhone it’s over, Tech’Firm’s moving out

It must be said that the teams ended up being cramped in the historic offices of Quai du Rhône in Geneva. As the group celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, it was time for Tech’Firm to find new, more spacious premises to accommodate teams that continue to grow in all the group’s lines of business.

We are thus leaving Quai du Rhône!

The management was looking for a new headquarters that could meet all expectations: space for everyone, meeting rooms, a conviviality area, plenty of parking spaces, close to the motorway…

In the end, more than just office space, they found a place in their own image. What’s more, this place has been nicknamed “the boat” to tell you a whole story.



Tech’Firm’s new offices are now at the following address: Route de Chancy 175, 1232 Confignon (CH)

An atypical place of 1200 m² that fits perfectly with the TechFirm’s spirit. No huge tops or small partitioned offices, but workspaces separated by glass partitions to keep visual contact, without the noise pollution of open spaces.

Multi-dimensional meeting rooms to meet the needs of group sessions as well as of one-to-one interviews.

Finally, it is above all the convivial spaces that should really appeal to all employees and play a unifying role in the Tech DNA. Indeed, there is a large kitchen equipped as “at home” where Julien will concoct good, balanced meals for us, relaxation areas, play and even sports areas.. Icing on the cake, a terrace for summer lunches, but above all a large garden that heralds the start of barbecue parties between colleagues directly at the workplace.

We’ll tell you more about all this once we are settled in. The Covid-19 pandemic of the last few months has somewhat disrupted the initial installation planning, the teams are just beginning to discover their new working universe, after many weeks of teleworking…

We had planned an inauguration at the end of June, but it will only be postponed. You will soon hear about this new “boat”.

Relive the day of the 20th anniversary of TECHFIRM

Many of you took part in our TECHFIRM 20th anniversary celebration day and we thank you for that.

To share some memories of this day with you, we have put a selection of photos and a video on the website which retraces the atmosphere of the day and the evening which you can find on the 20 years page >>

Couldn’t be there with us on 26 September 2019? You can also check out this image gallery, you’ll make up for it at our next anniversary celebration. We are counting on you!