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Quai du Rhone it’s over, Tech’Firm’s moving out

It must be said that the teams ended up being cramped in the historic offices of Quai du Rhône in Geneva. As the group celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, it was time for Tech’Firm to find new, more spacious premises to accommodate teams that continue to grow in all the group’s lines of business.

We are thus leaving Quai du Rhône!

The management was looking for a new headquarters that could meet all expectations: space for everyone, meeting rooms, a conviviality area, plenty of parking spaces, close to the motorway…

In the end, more than just office space, they found a place in their own image. What’s more, this place has been nicknamed “the boat” to tell you a whole story.



Tech’Firm’s new offices are now at the following address: Route de Chancy 175, 1232 Confignon (CH)

An atypical place of 1200 m² that fits perfectly with the TechFirm’s spirit. No huge tops or small partitioned offices, but workspaces separated by glass partitions to keep visual contact, without the noise pollution of open spaces.

Multi-dimensional meeting rooms to meet the needs of group sessions as well as of one-to-one interviews.

Finally, it is above all the convivial spaces that should really appeal to all employees and play a unifying role in the Tech DNA. Indeed, there is a large kitchen equipped as “at home” where Julien will concoct good, balanced meals for us, relaxation areas, play and even sports areas.. Icing on the cake, a terrace for summer lunches, but above all a large garden that heralds the start of barbecue parties between colleagues directly at the workplace.

We’ll tell you more about all this once we are settled in. The Covid-19 pandemic of the last few months has somewhat disrupted the initial installation planning, the teams are just beginning to discover their new working universe, after many weeks of teleworking…

We had planned an inauguration at the end of June, but it will only be postponed. You will soon hear about this new “boat”.

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