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TechFirm is a Swiss company based in Geneva. We deliver solutions in the field of industry and IT on the Swiss market, as well as internationally. Discover all the branches of the Group: :

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Experts talk to Experts

TechFirm is involved in all stages of the development of a product, from R&D, through engineering and production, to performance and maintenance of the production tool

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Delivering with happiness

TechFirm supports your IT projects. Consulting on the Pivotal BigData Suite solution and CloudFoundry Projects with a local or offshore team of consultants.

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International Technical Solution

TechFirm International supports companies in their international development: expatriation, outsourcing, mobility, recruitment of talent…

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Go Ahead !

Do you wish to focus on your core business? How about we pool our resources? TechFirm provides numerous services to entrepreneurs.

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